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Rick Parma R&B, dance music, funk, Smooth Jazz

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Rick Parma

Solo Performance: I sing and play saxophone to professional backing tracks. I can be in a set area in the room like a DJ or I can walk the room with a wireless microphone in hand or playing beautiful melodies with my saxophone.

Band Performance: 5-10 pc band/orchestra containing Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Percussion, background singers, and of course my self sing lead and on sax. Although I have original jazz music, you would most likely be hiring me for my top 40s music everything from Earth, Wind, and Fire to Bruno Mars.

Band/DJ/Solo Performance: This package contains everything including the solo musician for a cocktail hour the band for dinner and dancing, and DJ between band sets and after the ​band is finished.

Call 1-702-219-6777 for pricing. 

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